BabyFat Featured on Tubefilter's Indie Spotlight

“Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?” was featured on Tubefilter’s Indie Spotlight. Here’s a little excerpt:

Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat? is entertaining to watch not just for its laughs and well-edited content, but also for its unique perspective on baby-making and pregnancy. It’s not your typical video series created by mothers. You know, the ones with the pleasant, but candid mom talking to the camera about pre, during, and post-pregnancy trials, tidbits, and tips. The series steps out of this traditional format and delivers a great mashup of vlogging, documentary, and scripted content all in one.

Essentially, Jackson’s series is exactly the kind of poignant entertainment an expectant mother will want to turn on when she’s tired of watching yet another crib or stroller review (or when she just wants to laugh at the actual insanity of the entire pregnancy process).

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